Sunday, August 2, 2015

I have always heard "Be careful what you wish for." I have even said it a few times myself. Every time we have gone up to the river, even the first time, I wondered if it was too low. There is so much concern over the springs and rivers in Florida. I have heard and read a lot about losing our natural waterways. It was only natural that I would be concerned about a place that I immediately fell in love with.  A few years back I was concerned about the Hillsborough River.  It seemed to be at an all time low.   We went to Lettuce Lake Park every weekend and I took pictures of the Hillsborough River water level so I could track it and I also photographed all the different insects and animals that were around. Eventually, the it started to rise as rainy season kicked in.

It has been raining fairly often these last few weeks even before we started with the daily monsoons. I would be up at the river at least once a week for various reasons and every time I was up there I would walk back to the water and take a look. I like to sit back there after I am done working and enjoy the quite before heading home.  Sometimes a kayaker or fisherman will happen by and wave or stop for a chat. It has quickly become a refuge from the quick pace of the city. There has rarely been any rain during my visits.  It seemed like it was raining all around us but no rain in our neighborhood. The empty birdbath was proof. Still I thought with all the rain surrounding us the river should be rising.  I was sure the springs and waterways in the Withlacoochee watershed were getting their fair share of the abundant rain. The last three weeks, I have been up there twice a week and finally this week the birdbath has been full each time and the river has started to rise and rise quickly.  Last Saturday and the last few months, the roots were exposed on this tree across the river.  Friday they were joyfully submerged.


On our side of the river, I kept meaning to put up markers.  I thought I must be imagining that the river had not changed at all.  However, there has been a PVC pipe there ever since we first happened upon this place.  The pipe was probably left over from the previous owners or abandoned there by some people fishing on the river bank.  It has been there a while judging by the amount of mud inside of it and has always been clearly visible.  That may be about to change. I had to search through my photos to find this one as I hadn't thought to use it as a reference point until now.  But in the lower right side of the picture you can see the pipe sticking up, high and dry.

These two pictures were taken on Friday and the cypress roots are totally submerged and our little fishing pole holder is on its way to being underwater soon.

I hope we can go up today and check on the river's progress.  

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